‘THIS IS A ROBBERY’ and so are these…

Listen to the episode On March 18, 1990, 13 works of art were stolen from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. A recent four-part Netflix documentary, This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist, told the story. Art historian Fran Altvater at her desk at the University of Hartford’s Hillyer College, where she is the … Continue reading

Middletown: a home for art?

Listen to the episode Today, we continue our deep dive into how Middletown, CT, already a way cool city, might become even cooler by developing its potential to be an arts destination. In case you’re unfamiliar with Middletown, it’s well-known for its excellent restaurants. It’s got the Connecticut River running alongside it. It’s got Wesleyan … Continue reading

Making a cool city cooler

Listen to the episode Great restaurants. That classic wide main street. Wesleyan. Excellent library. Way-cool college radio station. Middletown’s got it all, right? Well, except for visual art. In the first of a series about how to make Middletown an art destination, Open Studio talks with an artist, a former arts administrator, and a Realtor. … Continue reading

‘Making the known unknown and vice versa’

Listen to the episode Painter Peter Waite says he works at the intersection of private and public memory. A classroom, for example, may remind the viewer of their own school days. His subject matter is largely drawn from his domestic and international travels, and, except in occasional paintings of statuary, devoid of figures, instead depicting … Continue reading

The Gates of Hell and Other Art About Love

Listen to the episode Following along with University of Hartford art historian Fran Altvater, the busiest person in academe, as she unpacks for us 10 artists’ takes on love: Love the pink hair! Happy birthday, Fran! Also mentioned in the episode: My Robert Indiana-inspired LOVE necklace; and WIlliam listening to our chat: Also, a link … Continue reading

Building more diverse architects

Listen to the episode … Not more diverse architecture. Architects. Did you ever notice? Though your doctor may be black, and your lawyer may be a Latina, and other professionals in your life may be gay or trans, most architects are plain vanilla white men. What’s up with that? We’ll talk with a progressive-minded architecture … Continue reading

Is There Life After Art School?

Listen to the episode We check in with five recent graduates of Hartford Art School (full freight nearing $57,000/year) about how things are going so far. Is the American Dream inaccessible to them? Is it even their dream? Should they make marketable work or paint their souls? Is Instagram the best path to finding community? … Continue reading


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