They traffic in the graphic … novel

Listen to the episode Listen to the eariler episode Welcome to the first Open Studio episode of the new WESU-FM season! Last September, I did an episode about the graphic novel featuring interviews with two professors who teach the form. Because there’s so much to the graphic novel — and because I’ll be teaching a … Continue reading

‘The subject is light’ — sketching Provincetown

Listen to the episode The raw audio part 1 The raw audio part 2 Please don’t be jealous, all you lovers of art and Cape Cod, but a friend and I recently took part in an amazing four-day workshop, Sketching Provincetown, offered through the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. The teacher, Aaron Thompson, was terrific; … Continue reading

Artists at the Barricades!

Listen to the episode So, here at Open Studio, we love art – art in galleries, art in museums, art in artist’s studios – but with summer just a little more than a week away, you know where we REALLY love art? You got it. Outdoors! Today’s episode is a leisurely stroll through West Hartford … Continue reading


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