‘If you love art, make art’

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Photo by Tom Hearn


Marcy Labella, of central Connecticut, draws, paints,  works in clay, mixed media, and collage, makes jewelry, and draws with colored pencil on metal and bakes it into enamel. She teaches art to students of all ages.  She’s got 10,000-plus followers on Instagram, with the number growing day by day, and to help us artists do the same, she’s ginned up an inexpensive course in how we can do it too.

But accumulating followers aside, Marcy simply believes in the power of art-making to get us through tough times and enhance the quality of our lives.

Il Tavolo Blu won 1st place in the Connecticut Women Artiss Open National Online Juried Show.

A selection of Marcy’s other work:

Three small floral paintings, the kind Marcy mails off as gifts:

Marcy praised the fabric art of Carol Vinisk. Learn more about her by clicking on the headline below:

HERstory artist Carol Vinisk

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