‘It’s like baking a cake’ — making Middletown an art destination

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Last in a three-part series: a walk downtown to look at what it would take to make way-cool Middletown even cooler by accentuating its considerable positives: its restaurants, classic Main Street, proximity to Wesleyan University, and creative community. 

One of a number of empty storefronts on Main Street
Kisha Michael, the city’s arts coordinator, left, and Sandra Russo-Driska, coordinator of the Downtown Business District, envisioning future arts activity.on city-owned property.
Russo-Driska has a downtown map in hand for checking off the flags and flower pots paid for by the Downtown Business Distrtict, which she says supports a livelier Main Street experience.
Making Middletown an art destination is like baking a cake, says Michael. It needs certain ingredients and the baking can’t be rushed.
Bringing foot traffic to the Main Street Marketplace indoor mall is a continuing challenge, says Russo-Driska.
A spot for a pop-up art exhibit?
Maybe art can fill the windows until a tenant is found?

What about something in here?

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