‘The subject is light’ — sketching Provincetown

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The raw audio part 1

The raw audio part 2

Please don’t be jealous, all you lovers of art and Cape Cod, but a friend and I recently took part in an amazing four-day workshop, Sketching Provincetown, offered through the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

The teacher, Aaron Thompson, was terrific; the small group of artists – just six of us — was congenial; and Provincetown was its usual Provincetown self! Mari and I took in a drag show – a first for me. It featured Cher, in quotemarks, and was so good, we wondered on the way out, “Was that really a man?” It was honestly hard to tell. We slurped down dollar oysters at a restaurant happy hour. We hit the beach one afternoon, allowing me to haul in quite a collection of sculptural shells and stones for artmaking.

But the very best part of the experience was the time spent drawing. What follows are some audio snapshots from the workshop. The other link is raw footage, for those — especially those in our group — who’d like a record of Aaron’s instruction.

I hope you’ll be inspired to start a sketchbook of your own. As Aaron pointed out, any old place that grabs you can be your subject, it doesn’t have to be Provincetown. But lucky you if it is!

Most of these are self-explanatory, but here’s some info about those that may not be. The 1st image is of our workshop leader Aaron Thompson. In the row below, that red photo slide is something he looks through to heighten the values. Next to that image is our group heading into the town library to draw on what was our only rainy morning. Had to snap a pic of that Open Studio sign! The photo under the Cher poster is of amazing P’town/Truro landscape painter Peter Hocking (@p.hocking), who was featured on the radio show, with my pal Mari. The penultimate photo is the interior of one group member’s waterfront summer place; she kindly invited us to paint on the beach the last day of the workshop. Another member provided a bowl of salt water taffy!

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