Taking in the Middletown Arts Fest: a walk & talk on Main Street

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Rachel DeCavage, owner of Cinder & Salt, and a founder of the Middletown Arts Fest, which just wrapped up its second summer season, marks off sidewalk spaces before vendors start arriving.

Today, we caught up with Rachel as she did last-minute prep for the August festival and then we took in the event itself, talking with artists and musicians and vendors and shoppers. For those of you who didn’t get to any of these summertime first Friday events – and, sorry to tell you, it’s too late for this year – it was an opportunity for artists and craftspeople to display and sell their wares on the wide sidewalks of Middletown’s wide main street, for performers to strut their stuff, and for visitors to discover and rediscover what a cool and creative community Middletown is.

This was the last installment of this year’s series about making Middletown more of an arts destination. Find the previous two — and last year’s — in the blog’s archives.

Images from the event

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