He shoots! He scores! The art of local photojournalism

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Today, he may be the hardest working man in photography. Wesley Bunnell shoots your kid’s heartbreaking championship game, the town’s fourth of July parade, the cloud of cherry blossoms in bloom at Wooster Square, soft mist over the water in Branford, anything and everything that’s photoworthy and some subjects that you wouldn’t think are photoworthy but that, with his poetic eye, he makes so. Wesley is the chief of photography for Shore Publishing, a group of seven local newspapers between the Connecticut and Quinnipiac rivers. Chief of photography is a grand title but really he’s pretty much a one-man band. I met him this past summer at an art fair where I was exhibiting and he was on the job, and busy as he is, he agreed to a chat for Open Studio. You can get a sense of Wes’s work at his website, wesleybunnell.com. As you’ll hear in our interview and see from his photos, he likes finding interesting juxtapositions, and, as a self-described introvert who enjoys meeting people, he’s something of an interesting juxtaposition himself. All I can say is, his heart is in it.

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