They follow their own star: checking in with nomads Holly & Joe Whiting

“We really like leaving and the excitement of what’s next.”

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Merry Christmas and happy every other holiday in this joyous season! Today, because you’ve been very good, a special treat! We catch up with Holly and Joe Whiting, to whom we last talked in March 2021 when they were about to start their retirement years as nomads, living on the move in the small bus they retooled – called a skoolie — named Sandy. The headline on the blog post says it all: “A coupla crazy old people moving into a bus.”

Here’s a link to that show.

So. A year and three quarters in, how’s it going? We talked via Zoom from where they were parked – now in a new smaller, if you can believe it, vehicle, which they call their Nowhere Van, at a Texas truck stop. (We were reliant on the kindness of the hot spot gods so apologies for any audio anomalies!)

Follow their adventures @the.nowhere.van and

Before we join Holly and Joe, I’d like to remind you that WESU is a community radio station, which means it largely depends on the generosity of listeners like you. Please, if you’re writing checks to worthy causes, spare a thought for the station, which brings you the kind of unusual programming you can’t find anywhere else. Just go here and give what you can. There are way cool Thanks!

It’s a tight squeeze, man. Case in point: “We have a toilet. It pulls out from under the bed.”

Top row: That’s their bed in the background; the kitchen; minimal decor

Middle row: Little is right!; a deep thought; they took their bikes

Last row: This is a still from a music video by favorite band Bright Eyes, from which they took the name Nowhere Van.

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